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Today is the big day!

We’re down here in San Diego, finalizing our presentation. We’re going to give this theme park the social media campaign of a LIFETIME

Great Partners…. Amazing Social Projects

Wish me luck … me & my team are working with one of our partners on a social pitch to one of the coolest entertainment theme parks in California. I’m very excited to give them a social campaign of a lifetime. I’m thankful for this opportunity to work with great partners, and with the amazing clients. Everyday I’m working on the dream that Real-Time OutSource is changing lives everyday! God bless AMERICA!! 

Have a blessed Tuesday (4/8/2014)

Happy Wednesday (4-2-2014)

I’m waking up so thankful for the lessons learned yesterday! I had the opportunity to learn the lesson of listening to your surroundings. On the phone yesterday with one of my advertising agency clients in Northern California. My client says to me, we’re so grateful for all that you’re doing for us, you truly know how to take care of your clients. I couldn’t help but ask, what more can I do? He says back, just be you, keep doing an awesome job, and never stop believing that you & you’re teams our amazing social marketers. Then his last comment really got me… he mentions “You make me smile”, and I never smile. This is something that made me realize I’m hear for a greater purpose…. to bring smiles, happiness, and joy from my HARD WORK :)

4 Reasons Why Your Should Form a Mastermind Group

Written by By Ryan Grant - Real-time Outsourceimage

What is a mastermind group?

Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind group as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” 

The purpose of a mastermind is to help all members of the group achieve success. Four benefits of a mastermind group are brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support.


Becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing a passion can be a lonely endeavor. Ideas are “a dime and dozen” and useless, unless action is taken. A mastermind group can be used to explore ideas and the group can help determine which ideas are worth pursuing.

For example, will Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, or Linkedin be the most beneficial for your business? People are on each of these social media platforms for different reasons and knowing how to reach your customers is vital to the success of your business. 


Books, newspapers, the internet, and other forms of media can provide a wealth of knowledge, but experience is one of the most powerful teachers. By participating in the mastermind group, there is education through the collective knowledge and experience of members of the mastermind group. In addition, each member can pursue educating themselves in assigned areas and educate the rest of the group to accelerate learning. 

Peer Accountability

While in our youth, we experienced peer pressure and adults warned us of the negative consequences of getting in with the wrong crowd. But peer pressure can also be used for making positive strides in our lives.

Stickk.com and Gym-Pact.com use peer pressure to encourage users to lose weight, get their finances in order, learn a new skill, or achieve whatever goal they want to achieve.

If you only make a commitment to yourself, you are the only one that can remind you of the goal; if you tell a group of people, they will be there to remind you of your goal.

A mastermind group can intensify the fear of failure of failure and help each member stay committed to their goals.


Above all else, the mastermind group is intended to support each individual in their pursuits. If you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument, speak a foreign language, lose weight, or learn something new, challenges occurred. The mastermind group will be there to encourage you in your pursuits and help you reach your goals.

Who should I form a mastermind group with?

Its been said that you become who you spent time with. Find people who are preferably experienced and passionate in area that you want to build the group around, even if they are your closest competitors.

“There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough… There is enough for everyone.”

-Michael Beckwith

Now go out and start your mastermind group today!

In the United States… we’re home of #Marketing #Entrepreneurship #Dreams

In the United States… we’re home of #Marketing #Entrepreneurship #Dreams

Top 6 Must Do’s to Real-time Brandscaping Success!

Brandscaping is not a new invention in marketing… the definition is “The creation of mutually beneficial partnerships between brands that help increase demand”.  For me I’m constantly working to learn how we can take our clients social & real-time media campaigns to the next level.   After a great meeting with my friend James Navarro at Digital Gear, he mentioned the book “Brandscaping” by Andrew M. Davis.  This book has truly changed my understanding as to the power of unleashing partnerships.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to really take your Real-time Marketing to the next level with partners that care about your brand. 

I’ve been working on my Top 5 Must Do’s to reach Brandscaping Success, and I thought I would share!

1)     Make a List of the Perfect Partners – Focus on businesses & brands that are non-competitive but share the similar audience as your brands.  This list should be developed over a one hour brainstorming session, and added to as you think about new partners.

2)     Reach out to Potential Partners via Social, Email, and Phone Calls  - Develop a list of marketing directors, businesses, and follow their social accounts.   Facebook or LinkedIn message, email, or call the business to leave a message about potential partnership.   Plant the seed and wait for follow-backs. 

3)     Develop a Social Post Engagement Contest  - Develop a series of Post Engagement contests, that will allow your fans to cooperate together driving collaborative influence, with the goal to generate responses and commentary.

4)     Create Social Visual Content for your clients Postings   - Develop a series of social visuals to drive the partnership with your brandscaping partners.  This allows for a more viral, shareable post, that drives new fans to your partners social pages.

5)     Focus on Showing the Results to Partners  - Make sure that every month you recap the results you’re showing on behalf of your brandscaping partners.  This will allow them to really track the success of the partnership and increase the likelihood of more on-going campaigns as you recap the successes!

6)     Continue to develop new Partnerships  -  Keep inspired by thinking outside the box, and work at developing new partners each week.   Without follow-ups and pushing hard off-line, this will fail.   So take it seriously and work it!

If you focus on these 6 areas to successful brandscaping…. You will develop a winning strategy that works, and becomes a way to develop great networking opportunities as well!    This is a strategy that will change your Real-time & Social Marketing forever!

My Advice this week…. Know your Power!

My advice this week…… Don’t be afraid to embrace the power of your energy! Your thoughts, and your daily actions help you guide yourself to success.  

To often we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the amazing things that we do!   I’d like to tell you GREAT JOB!

The Top 5 People in the Real-time Travel World

I’ve been social networking since the AOL days, however I can only dream of having the social influence of some of these Top 5 Most Influential People in the Travel World of Social Media.   I may also suggest that I found this incredible Leaderboard list from the folks at Skift, follow them on Twitter at @Skift.  Their Competitive Intelligence tool is one of the best I’ve found on the internet for Travel & Tourism.


Meet the Top 5 People in the Real-time Travel World 


#5 – The Planet D - Follow them on Twitter at @theplanetd – One of the best reasons to follow Dave & Deb is there truly incredible photography and of landscapes, sunsets and I love their motto that adventures are for everyone.  I dream of writing a song together about “The Adventures in Travel”


#4 – Nomadic Matt – Follow him on Twitter at @nomadicmatt – He’s the author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” which is a very intriguing thought and idea.   I’d highly suggest you follow Matt if you’re interested in great tips on traveling on a budget.   I also love his passion and energy to explore the globe.  I’m truly inspired by his story!


#3 – Johnny Jet Follow him at @johnnyjet – I like his approach to helping travelers save money and tips to taking advantage of the perks of traveling.   Also he has a great Travel Deals section on his website.      The other really cool thing he does is curate Travel contests for his followers!  


#2 – Andrew Zimmern – Follow him at @AndrewZimmern – I’ve always love his shows on the Travel channel.  He use his social media to really highlight everything that he’s doing in Real-time.  This is awesome; I love his pictures on Twitter too.  Really shows his personality.  I dream of starting a restaurant together that focuses on “Fast & Gourmet”!


#1 – Sir Richard BransonFollow him at @RichardBranson - He’s probably the most intriguing human on earth to me… he’s started over 400 companies with the Virgin Group, and he still keeps that kid at heart.  Willing to explore all over the world, challenging his fears, and never backing down from a challenge, therefore I believe he is the most powerful person in the Travel Industry.   Everyone in the world is influenced by him or his companies.  He is truly the “Steve Jobs” of the travel business, and I believe that there will never be another human with his spirit and intellect.     I dream of one day shaking the hand of Richard Branson while sitting with him on his Necker Island talking about the future of business, space, and music!! 

Who’s the most influential person to you in the travel industry?  Add to my list!  Email me at travis.huff@gmail.com

3 Simple Steps to educating your clients about Real-time

In 2014, the Advertising world has been completely disrupted with Real-time Marketing vehicles (Blog Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Responsive Websites, and Social Advertising).   I’m sure that you’ve all have seen the changes with your marketing efforts for your clients, but no matter what you can still help manage it for them.   The future is less paid media, and more viral shared media. 

From the largest advertising agencies in the world, have embraced this with all their clients, as you can see with the traditional advertising driving to social, but how can you do this with a smaller – mid size ad agency.    I would suggest you do the following and daily participating in continuing education for your clients.

  • Step 2 – Take a look at your clients current Real-time Marketing
    • Do they have an email marketing campaign?
    • Do they have a social marketing campaign?
    • Do they have a responsive website experience?
  • Step 3 – Create a quarter update/analysis of the progress
  • Many clients think they can handle these tasks, and with an audit we can make sure they’re growing.   It’s a perfect way to grow your Real-time Marketing services, by giving a little in effort to receive a lifetime of business.

Need more help?  I’d love to give you some ideas!  Email me at travis.huff@gmail.com

I believe in Social Giving!

I wake up everyday hungry to inspire through the power of social giving!

I know that we have a long ways to go but if we bond together we can change the world!